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"There are not enough words in the dictionary to show how grateful I am for your support during my labor. Thank you for showing me the amazing things my body is capable of. I am so proud of what I did that day and I have you to thank for it!"
Aisha Muslimah
First time mom to Maisara, Born October 2014
Congratulations! In a span of less than a year you will conceive, grow and birth a tiny human! I know I don't have to tell you but this will literally change every aspect of your life and while that may incite excitement in most women it can also spark a little bit of fear.  Yes, you do have a mothering instinct and yes women have been giving birth for years but its always a little easier when we've educated ourselves on the process.

So what about the big day you say? I promise you if you leave it up to chance you will have the birth your medical staff think you should have, which while well intentioned may not look or feel how you thought. And while mommy blogs, Reddit posts and internet articles seem like a good idea how do you know what is fact and what is opinion?

You want to feel confident and heard and know you are safe and supported. You know you're going to have pain but you want to know how to best manage it. Does this sound like you?

That's excellent because more times than I can count I've seen moms show up NOT in labor then either be sent home or induced and end up having a slew of interventions they didn't want solely because they weren't prepared.

So how do you get prepared?
By taking a high quality, well researched childbirth class. In just 5 weeks you will receive the best in evidence and experience based childbirth education. Read below to find out why my classes are the best way to prepare you for your birth.

Gain confidence
{It's okay to trust your body}

 Learn how to avoid unnecessary procedures and interventions. Each week we will watch videos, play games and discuss the natural process so you feel really good about your body  and what its going through. There are only 3 stages of labor. Three. Women have birthed babies for literally forever. Its natural to doubt yourself. But trust me. You can do this. 

Really know when you're in labor and when to go to the hospital
{Practice practice practice!} 
What does REAL labor feel like? There can be a lot of starts and stops. We will discuss 'false"  and progressive labor and learn the differences. Each week I will review- then demonstrate- a different coping technique so you will be armed with a plethora of ways to lessen the discomforts of labor. From massage to aromatherapy (and yes, we do discuss medications) you will have many options to choose from when trying to get comfortable.

Master effective communication
{Learn how to get what you want}
Effectively communicate with your provider so you get what you want and understand your plan of care. I know the medical field can feel intimidating. When that doctor comes in the room you may want to clam up forgetting everything you intend to ask. Its cool! Doctors aren't scary but they have limited time and rely on you to ask questions when you're feeling confused or unclear. In my classes you will receive tools, scripts and we'll use role play to get those jitters under wraps! Leave your prenatal appointments feeling productive and informed.

Connect more deeply with your body and your partner
{"I couldn't have done it without him"}

Let's get this straight. You are the one carrying, growing and eventually will push out a baby but you don't have to do this alone. Each class we take the time to learn what our partners are feeling and how to better connect even if you've chosen professional labor support. Why? So when labor day approaches you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only do they have your back with all your preferences but they know how to get you what you want so all you have to do is focus on relaxing and laboring. Now doesn't that sound nice?

Stay Healthy and Low Risk
{What to eat and how to stay in shape}

The goal of any delivery should be a healthy mom and healthy baby right? We spend a lot of time learning exactly what that means. Every students receives a T.I.P.S. exclusive workbook. We discuss nutrition and exercises appropriate for mom and baby in each trimester. Sometimes moms need or choose to have a cesarean section. No matter how your baby arrives your body will be ready for birth then recovery without complication.
Prepare for Life with a Baby
{We're parents!}

With all the excitement leading up to the birth there is a tendency to forget that your whole world will change forever. You've just welcomed a relative stranger into your hearts and homes. While most parents will agree they are immeasurably filled with joy meeting this new person it was  an adjustment not well discussed throughout the pregnancy. YOU can be ready for this as well. We will spend an entire class learning what to expect from your postpartum body and newborn baby. You will know what's normal and when to ask for help. The whole process from conception to the end of year one will be a roller coaster of emotions, feelings and experiences. Take the time to learn how to make the shift into parenthood calmly and meaningfully for YOUR family.
Still not sure if The Inspired Pregnancy School is for you? Read below to see how my class compares to other childbirth classes.
Are you:

Pregnant with your first baby and nervous you won't know what to do in labor?
Able to commit 1.5-2 hours once a week  for 5 weeks? This class is not for those last minute nellies!
Committed to practicing every night with your partner on relaxation and communication techniques? Everything you learn you will be able to apply immediately.
Willing to accept that you can always prepare? Complications and unexpected situations happen. You can be ready.

28-32 weeks pregnant? I teach online AND small group classes in Binghamton, NY
Looking for childbirth education taught by a professional? I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse and a certified Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Which means you'll get stories from the field and well researched articles and information. BTW: I'm also a mom of 4!
Here's what students thought after taking my classes...
Prepared us for what to expect during labour and provided the perfect support and advice while in labour.
Student survey 2016
Empowered me to be my own advocate in the childbirth process
Student survey, 2016
After taking the classes with Monique, I knew she would know how to support me and I trusted her opinions.
Student survey, 2016
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